What, exactly, IS a "gangbang"? Is it group sex? Is it group sex focused on ONE WOMAN (or man?)....

topic posted Sun, October 22, 2006 - 8:14 PM by  Linda
My idea of a gangbang is, for example, me sleeping with every member of the rock band, Aerosmith. Starting with making love with Steven Tyler, complete with penis-in-vagina intercourse, and all of the other usual things I love about sex. You know, kissing, hugging, oral and anal pleasures, and taking off clothes and crawling all over each other like randy housecats. And then, me making love with Joe Perry, same idea. And then the drummer, the bass player, and the other guitarist.
Or is a "gangbang" a (safe, sane, and consensual) enactment of a group rape fantasy?
By the way, I'm sure there are MEN as well as women (and also Transsexuals) who enjoy "gangbang" fantasies.... whatever that means.
This is a serious question. I joined solely to ask and get a straight answer. I'm not interested in orgies or group sex. My sexuality runs differently from that. I have no judgment with those people who are into attending orgies and such. I've found out, through personal experience, that it's "not my thing". Phew.
It's just as important to find out what you do NOT want, as it is to find out whom and what you DO want! In sex as in all other things!
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    What's a gangbang you ask. For what you note, I think that group sex would be referred to as an orgy, but group sex focused on one person would be a gangbang. Personally, I would describe it as mutliple partners at the same time. A woman having sex with multiple men consecutively I would describe as 'pulling a train.' Since it is just one woman, how many men do you know that would be willing to wait if there are other orifices available? I've been to a few, watched a few in porn.

    Wikipedia says this:

    "A Gang bang (or gangbang) is a situation in which one individual, either a woman or a man, has sexual intercourse with multiple partners in turn. When a man has sex with several women, it is usually known as a reverse gangbang. It appears to be an American term; its British equivalent would be alley catting. See other definition sections for slang usage of gangbang (affiliation with gangs).

    The term has often been used interchangeably with gang rape but is now increasingly applied only to consensual sexual behavior in the sexual swinging community. It exists as a specialized form of group sex and sometimes figures in sexual fantasy. It is also the subject of a genre of pornography, complete with its own sub-genres ("cream pie gang bang", "anal gang bang", "lesbian gang bang", "drunk gang bang" etc)."

    So, my 2 cents
  • Linda

    i am not sure of teh dictionary meaning, but i think generally its 2 or more men with a woman or it could be 3-4 men with upwards of 2 women, but always where the women are in the minority sharing dif men. Today such strict definations are irrelavent, its more what the term means to the individual.

    Because, depending on your needs and desires those more open just enjoy the freedom of expression being offerred to consider a life style that matches yr needs. if you desire say a base relationship for stability and harmony but yet desire additional men as yu crave diversity that is very real to achieve.

    You just have to match your levels with the partners that afford you the comfort and excitment you find as desireable.........that can atke the form of a cuckold relationship where add't men are a part of your life style and yr partner shares you...something i find very exhilerating and exciting. I think the sharing of a woman whom you care for either as a firnd or a lover is the finest and highest of pleasures as it so expands the relationship and enhances it for the longrun matching today's world of the 21st century not the 19th or 18th century where morals very very fixed restrictive, especially for women, and very rigidly defined. how you have the freedom to match what is best for you

    All forms of that type of relationship are possible where yr partner man likes to dominate while yu enjoy another man to one where the partner man is humiliated into sharing you and his submissive to the guest man, joining.

    You can have close friend relationships or become more involved in actual relationships while sharing.....all depends totally on you, yr character, desires, comfort zone, needs and excitment levels you find as natural.

    its nice to consider and select what works for you !!!

    warm regards,


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